Fuck DeVos

It is on days like the ones we've had since January 20th that I cannot help but asking myself: What difference does another down dog make? What's the point of getting on my mat? What's the point of mantra and mudra? Why should I even bother to meditate? How can I create a sacred relationship with a universe that has a Bannon in it, and a Donald Trump as the president of the US? And who cares about a stupid [...]

When Death Comes Around

When death comes around it is nearly impossible to focus on anything else. Loss covers you like a dark blanket, and you just hide in that cave... Every once in a while you peek from underneath the thickness of grief to see if it is safe to go back out. "Not yet" will be the answer for a while.   The initial state of shock might prevent the ability to function in the realm of the living. You find yourself [...]