What makes you Whole? Is it the food you eat? The people you're with? The books or blogs or articles you read? Is it your current state of mind compared to somewhere you've been in the past? Is it a state of being? Is it a way of being? Is it an achievement? Is it a goal? What is it that makes you Whole? What is your feeling of wholeness dependent on? We tend to think that we need something more. Something [...]

Fuck DeVos

It is on days like the ones we've had since January 20th that I cannot help but asking myself: What difference does another down dog make? What's the point of getting on my mat? What's the point of mantra and mudra? Why should I even bother to meditate? How can I create a sacred relationship with a universe that has a Bannon in it, and a Donald Trump as the president of the US? And who cares about a stupid [...]