Solar Somatic Ceremonies

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Seasonal Sacred Spaces

Reflect. Revitalize. Recreate.

All from the comfort of your own home

Enliven your relationship with nature, deepen your connection with yourself, and ignite your love for life.

Receive inspiration
Cultivate transformation
Generate integration

Retreat at home for a day every six weeks - with yoga, meditation, storytelling, contemplation, community, movement, breathwork, and exploration - and get support throughout the season with journal prompts, ritual ideas, and recipes.

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This is for you if you:

  • Seek connection with the rhythms of the earth.
  • Want to feel inspired and creative.
  • Want to integrate self development with collective needs.
  • Feel the need for nature’s support to do your work in the world.
  • Wish you could go on more retreats but it’s not (always) possible. 
  • Crave a grounded and ignited relationship with life.
  • Desire a deeper connection to yourself and to others.
  • Want a sacred space to do your inner work.
  • Would love to have a sense of community and support.

I’m Hagar Harpak and I am thrilled to invite you for a journey through the seasons!

I have been a lover of nature since childhood. I’ve spent much of the last decade and a half deepening my relationship with the earth through her rhythms, her cycles, and her seasons. 

I’m a mama of two incredible children, and perhaps like you, I don’t have as much time as I would like to spend frolicking in forests, hiking through the wilderness, and meditating by a body of water every day. I live a modern life in a big city, and sometimes that makes feeling close to nature both an urgent necessity and a goal that is difficult to reach. 

To be in relationship with the changing light, with the cycles of seed, flower, and fruit, and with my own personal process - that’s key to living an inspired and creative life.

Marking the seasonal shifts with rituals that include the body, the breath, and the bond between thoughts and feelings has become crucial for me. It allows me to be with where I am, to envision where I’d like to go, and to initiate the process of transformation that my life needs. 

It has been a gigantic gift to be able to develop and share these rituals with others, and to guide incredible people through these magical, mythical pilgrimages to the sacred spaces where a person meets her/himself, community, environment, and the universe.  

I have been teaching yoga since 2005. Yoga has been my temple. It is the handstands that pulled me in, and the philosophy that kept me here. I am a storyteller, and weave tradition, practice, and metaphor into an embodied experience. Somatic Ceremony was created in 2016, and this is where reality, magic, movement, meditation, breath, transformation, and life come together to greet the season, learn from it, and change with it.

Being with nature in this way is an opportunity to do work on yourself, to presence what needs change, to take care of your tender heart, to stimulate the intellect with mythology and metaphor, and to weave social justice concepts and environmental awareness into our contemplation and exploration, so that we can take action, and interlace self care with collective care. 

I know you’re busy and I know it’s not always easy to carve space for your body to feel nourished, for your breath to be centered, and for your own inner life to flourish. But in the words of the magnificent Audre Lorde: “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

So let’s cycle with the earth, dance with the sun, engage with light and shadow, receive, transform, and evolve ourselves.

Julie Goldman Wang

Dancer, Movement Teacher, Mama

Build with vision and purpose

Hagar’s magical brew of myth, practice, and personal truth, help give my intentions form, my dreams substance, and the smallest parts of myself the permission to be. These ceremonies ground my life within the cycles of the earth in a poetic, yet matter of fact way. Hagar creates the space to connect to something greater without taking ourselves too seriously. She gives us a place to bring all of ourselves to. Having this space throughout the year to ponder myths and traditions, explore my own inner landscape and physicality, and connect to other like minded souls has been an anchor for me. It has helped give me strength in these trying times and a greater ability to find comfort with the uncomfortable.  Hagar is a guiding light uniting us witches, thinkers, feelers, artists, and fellow humans together as we strive to build our lives with vision and purpose. 

Kelly Grace

Yoga Teacher


Participating in rituals with Hagar has been soul-shifting. Through these rituals I can connect with a softer, fiercer and more playful side of myself.  This is a side that I know is there, but that is challenging for me to see and embrace. Through these rituals I know and accept myself more fully, and I am able to engage with myself and others more authentically. 

Julianne Prescop

Attorney, Mama 

Insight & Invigoration

I've been practicing with Hagar for 10 years now, and I couldn't recommend her more. Hagar is able to combine community, ceremony, mythology, and movement in a way that is both profound for experienced practitioners, and accessible and welcoming for people who are new to the practice and/or skeptical of spirituality. Hagar is able to weave in stories and myths from a variety of different traditions in order to prompt discussion and reflection regarding relationships, family, and personal growth. I never know exactly what to expect from one of her ceremonies, but I'm always able to learn, and reflect, and gain new insight into my current circumstances. I always leave a ceremony reinvigorated and feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (or my hips, or wherever else I'm holding my stress and emotions). It's almost impossible to describe the journeys we take during these ceremonies . . . they really must be experienced to be appreciated!

Solar Somatic Ceremonies

 2021 Series

In each of these day retreats, we will draw themes, teachings, and inspiration from the metaphors of the season, bring it into the body, and apply it to our lives. 

Your creativity will be nourished. Your heart will be held. Your mind will be stimulated and activated. Your body will be grounded, moved, and filled with breath. 

Solar Somatic Ceremonies are creatively crafted rituals that include the use of mythology, philosophy, and seasonal, nature based metaphors to reflect on our own lives and work through the gifts and the challenges of where/who we are. This contemplative, meditative journey happens in the body - with breath-work, movement, a carefully put together sequence of poses, kriyas, mudras, and mantras. 

Each of these sessions is designed to take you on an expedition into yourself - an evocative journey into the heart of the art of you. 

At the end of each of these gatherings you will have an opportunity to connect with others on their journey. 

Breathe. Move. Invoke.

8 Gatherings throughout the year

Align with Nature’s rhythms and come home to yourself
Imbolc - Sunday January 31
Quickening. Awakening. Germination.

At this midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, move with the earth’s urge to awaken. Incubation process is giving itself to the process of germination. Let’s simmer in the seasonal gaining of momentum, get going with nature, follow her lead into the sprouting of ideas, the budding of dreams, and making our visions come alive.

Spring Equinox - Saturday March 20
Enliven. Rise. Bloom.

On this Spring initiation, bejewel your life and blingify your acts as the earth bedecks herself with blossoms. Resurrection of the power of light and vitality is in action. Let’s seize the moment of balance that the Equinox offers, and tip with it towards more light, taking with us all that we have learned in the dark, and rise from the ashes with strength, softness, and passion, pouring life into what we love.

Beltane - Saturday May 1 
Pleasure. Beauty. Fertility. 

At the midpoint between Spring and Summer, open into the heat and liquidity of your generative power. As Mother Nature bursts open with scent and song, with bold colors and blossoming creativity, we are called into the blooming in our own garden of innovation. Tune into what is growing inside of you, and dare to call for what you desire to make life about. 

Summer Solstice - Sunday June 20
Power. Charge. Abundance.

At the gateway of Summer, stand tall in the height of your light as the sun stands strong at the peak of its power. Let’s celebrate the exuberance of life’s vigor, the zeal of light’s peak, woven with the return of darkness. From this day till Winter solstice, the days will slowly get shorter. We celebrate ourselves as complex, and as whole. With the charge of the sun at its climax, we are invited into our own vitality, into our own strength, into our own illuminating qualities, into the abundance of our nature. 

Lughnasadh - Sunday August 1
Harvest. Bounty. Generosity.

At the midpoint between Summer and Fall, offer your gifts generously, as the earth expresses herself through bounty and beauty. As she offers, and gives, wearing her Mother Goddess garments, turning fields from green to gold, she invites us into our own opulent, generative inner resources. You are never without inner wealth, so cultivate gratitude, harvest what you’ve grown, and share your gifts with the world.

Autumn Equinox - Sunday September 19
Release. Receive. Reorient.

On this transition into Fall, hover in the space between masculine and feminine, inner and outer, giving and receiving, birth and death. Here we are in this momentary balance between darkness and light, day and night, depth and height. While entertaining equilibrium, it’s a tipping point toward darkness. We begin our journey inwardly, our journey down and deep into the belly of the earth, to compost, to nourish, to release. 

Samhain - Saturday October 30
Death. Darkness. Depth. 

At this midpoint between Fall and winter, enter the pit of darkness, where death informs life, and the unknown spreads its wings to carry us over the horizon towards the end and a new beginning. Time to howl and heal, descend and dissolve, roar and reflect. On the last harvest, as the last fruit falls to the earth, and decay guides our journey to the underworld, we walk through the threshold, and we cross into the shadow territory of our souls. It is said that the veil between the worlds is thin this time of year, and that the spirits of our ancestors are nearby. What do we find in the graveyards of our lives that can infuse, inspire, and enrich our experience with wisdom and wildness?

Winter Solstice - Sunday December 19
Dream. Envision. Reflect

In the threshold of Winter - Turn to what pulses deep beneath the layers, as deep in the womb of creation, while darkness veils the ground, the earth, the sun, and all of life quiets down and takes rest. With darkness at its full expression, it announces the birth of light. So let’s celebrate - death and rebirth, the completion of a cycle and the opening of a new one, dreaming in the dark and our ability to bring our visions into light; the end of this year and the threshold of a new beginning.

Connect to nature. Connect to yourself. Connect to your life.

Each ceremony includes:

Yoga / Practice

  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
  • Mudra
  • Kriya


  • Mythology
  • Metaphor
  • Archetypes
  • Philosophy
  • Interpretation 
  • Stories of and from different traditions
  • Application of teachings to current times


  • Self-reflection
  • Journaling
  • Envisioning 
  • Exploration
  • Weaving together individual and collective 
  • Weaving together nature and person


  • Transformation
  • Alchemy
  • Release
  • Invocation
  • Activation
  • Celebration


  • Share your insights
  • Hold space for others
  • Listen
  • Respect
  • Connect 
  • Receive


Bonus Material

Sign up for any session or the full series and receive these additional materials, per session:

Bonus 1
Video recordings

You will receive streaming access to a video recording of each session, within 48 hours after the session, and likely sooner. Each recording will be available for 30 days following the session.

For those who cannot attend a live session, enroll in the same way and you will automatically receive the recording so you can participate asynchronously at a time that is convenient.

Bonus 2
Journal Prompts & Ritual Ideas

You will receive prompts to guide you through the season, and practice/ritual ideas to keep working with its rhythm.

These will support the process of integrating the work we do together in ceremony.

Bonus 3
Healthy Recipes

Around the time of each event you will receive two healthy and delicious recipes for the season.

vegan & gluten-free 

Here’s what people are saying about Hagar

Noah Maze

Master Yoga Instructor

Hagar is an extraordinary yoga teacher. 

She is deeply passionate about the yoga arts and well studied in its traditions. She is a poet who weaves metaphor and myth through the practice of asana to create an evocative and transformative experience on the yoga mat. She ignites the hearts of her students and inspires them to rise to their greatest potential. Hagar is a blessing to her students, an inspiring mother and householder yogini, and a sadhana sister on the path of yoga that I am proud to call my friend.

Linda Perry


Hagar's practice is life changing.

I know that sounds so "hippie" but it's true. Her teachings help the heart mind spirit and body. Hagar is always on a spiritual quest to better her practice for those around. You know when she discovers something new because she brings it in the next day sharing her life's journey. She always knows exactly what you need.

Charlie Kaufman

Screenwriter & Director

Hagar Harpak is a wonderful yoga teacher.

She is kind, gentle, patient, and enormously skilled. Her lessons come from a place of deep spirituality and connection to the world and to her students.

Here’s what people are saying about the Solar Somatic Ceremonies

Hagar’s moon and seasonal ceremonies have been an essential part of my life during an epically challenging, a devastating year actually. What I love is that I can show up to these communal and ceremonial spaces that Hagar so lovingly creates exactly as I am, which is sometimes a mess, and find the experience spacious enough to envelop me however I show up. And I think this is because Hagar has a magical way of creating community and allowing all the pain, messiness, discomfort, grief as well as joy, beauty, sensuality, humor and grace of our human lives to coexist. Steeped in myth and ancient texts and the cycles of nature, these ceremonies simultaneously allow me and others to process experiences of the time we’re living in now and connect to ancient wisdom. Listening transfixed to Hagar’s luscious retelling of Hindu myths is both deeply pleasurable and deeply thought provoking, and how she connects these stories to mantra and movement to bring them into the body is an experience that is transformative. 

Sarah Eggers

TheraPist, Mama

Participating in Hagar’s ceremonies connects me to the larger cosmic story of which we are all a part, but which I often fail to recognize in the bustle of everyday life. Hagar creates beautiful containers of sacred space that help me drop-in to the beauty of my own life and the dance of earth’s cycles. Each ceremony is engaging for body, heart and mind, inviting creativity, play, reflection and intimacy. I always leave feeling more connected to the life-giving rhythms of nature, inspired by the other beautiful humans who show up with authenticity and openness, and more rooted in my sense of Self. The ceremonies help me to show up to my life with intention, leaving me more grounded, grateful and enlivened to move back out into ordinary life from a place of deeper love. 

Stephanie Jenkins


Welcome the whole of you through the lens of the seasons. 

Breathe, burn, wash, and compost the parts of you that need transformation.

Invoke and invite that which you wish to presence in your life.

Ready to join me on this journey?

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If you sign up for the year and after our first session you realize this is not for you, no worries - I will refund you!

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*Refunds must be requested within a week after the session.

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