Moon Mandala gatherings

New Moon & Full Moon

Circle & Ceremony Series

Connect to your every part and nurture your creative spark.

Cultivate a deeper sense of meaning, make room for muse, and prioritize self-love through yoga, mythology, and ritual.


Ready to sign up?

If you see your life as a transformative journey

If you are into stories from different traditions

If you love yoga and meditation and feel these practices are your temple, your kitchen, your art studio, and your inner cave

If exploring your inner world and bringing it into relationship with the world around you is your thing

If you are fascinated with archetypes, and the ways that mythology lives in your life

If you want a grounding container to work with where you are

If you love astrology, but it isn’t necessarily a faith based practice for you

If you’re not attracted to fluffy spirituality, and seeking ways to integrate all of your parts

If you are in need for a safe space to do your transformation…

These moon gatherings are meant for you!

I’m Hagar Harpak and I’m stoked to go on this adventure with you!

I’m a mama of two amazing kiddos, and maybe similar to you, I always feel like life is so busy, and who has time to look at the moon? The thing is, when I am in touch with the phases of the moon, I feel more connected to the rhythms of my life. When I give myself the space to reach into a sacred relationship with nature, my creativity bursts forth. When I am attuned to the cyclical nature of life, I am able to show up to my life with depth, meaning, and inspiration. 

Mythology has always been a part of my life. My mama is an incredible storyteller. Goddesses and gods, heroines and heroes, animals and plants, adventures and quests - you are every part in the story. I’ve been in love with metaphors, archetypes, and the unfolding of a good tale from a very young age. Telling stories and applying them to ourselves, to our lives, to what is happening in the world, is healing, informative, and a trusted anchor in a creative life.

When I found yoga in 2003, I began to develop a sense of belonging with myself that I didn’t have before. Yoga gave me my own self as a sacred, wild woman. It has taken me on a curvy, twisty path deeper into the study and exploration of mythology, metaphors and archetypes. It has given me tools to breathe and embody what I learn, and to apply the teachings, through interpretations, to my life.  

My personal experience of continuous deep transformation, and seeing it touch the hearts/minds of fellow humans I have been blessed to know and honored to guide, have inspired me over many years to slowly craft a flexible structure for this work, and I am so excited to share it with you. 

Arm balance, life balance, kid balance

Here’s what people are saying about previous Moon Mandala ceremonies:

A Life Line

During this year of anxiety, uncertainty, and political, racial, and social unrest, Hagar’s moon ceremonies have been a life line for me. Where every day looks like the next, living by the moon’s cycles has connected me to something greater than myself. Having a place to connect, move, breathe, chant, and dream with other like minded souls, has made this potentially isolating, and lonely year, one in which I have felt seen, heard, and united in sacred space. Hagar masterfully weaves a rich tapestry of myth, symbolism, and life experience. She connects many traditions and in the process she transforms the moons cycles into a living breathing experience. She is a guiding light, who brings us seekers, witches, artists, and fellow life livers together, giving us fuel to craft our lives with our best intentions, while claiming our shadows, and celebrating the difference. 

Julie Goldman Wang

Dancer, Movement Teacher, Mama


Participating in rituals with Hagar has been soul-shifting. Through these rituals I can connect with a softer, fiercer and more playful side of myself.  This is a side that I know is there, but that is challenging for me to see and embrace. Through these rituals I know and accept myself more fully, and I am able to engage with myself and others more authentically. 

Kelly Grace

Yoga Teacher

Insight & Invigoration

I've been practicing with Hagar for 10 years now, and I couldn't recommend her more. Hagar is able to combine community, ceremony, mythology, and movement in a way that is both profound for experienced practitioners, and accessible and welcoming for people who are new to the practice and/or skeptical of spirituality. Hagar is able to weave in stories and myths from a variety of different traditions in order to prompt discussion and reflection regarding relationships, family, and personal growth. I never know exactly what to expect from one of her ceremonies, but I'm always able to learn, and reflect, and gain new insight into my current circumstances. I always leave a ceremony reinvigorated and feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (or my hips, or wherever else I'm holding my stress and emotions). It's almost impossible to describe the journeys we take during these ceremonies . . . they really must be experienced to be appreciated!

Julianne Prescop

Attorney, Mama 

Learn. Practice. Transform.

In each session we will study, converse, contemplate, and practice.
We will use the mythology of Astrology to inspire our movement, breath, and meditation, and this embodied experience to inspire our lives. 


  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
  • Mudra
  • Kriya

Embody the teachings. Connect to your entire being. Attend to your body, mind/heart, and your creative spark so that you can release stress, energize your system, get grounded, find fluidity, and integrate the whole of yourself.


  • Archetypes
  • Interpretation 
  • Symbols
  • Metaphors

How to apply them to yourself and to your life, so that you can enrich and inspire your inner and outer world. It’s all about interpretation. It’s also about making connections. There are infinite ways to hear and tell a story. There are countless ways to relate the story to our lives, and let it teach us, inspire us, and change us.


  • The zodiac wheel
  • The planets
  • Signs the moons are in
  • Phases of the moon
  • Current themes

Through the lens of the mythology that weaves itself through the constellations, you can find more ways, more forms, and more directions of knowing yourself. This isn’t about believing in astrology, or not believing in it. This is about using the metaphors and the myths and giving yourself another tool for growth and groundedness.*

*Disclaimer: I am not an astrologer. I am an explorer of the sky and a lover of the earth. And I find that bringing these concepts into an interpretive space, where our bodies/minds/hearts can take it in and make something with it, is empowering, inspiring, and endlessly creative.


  • Transformation
  • Ritual
  • Alchemy
  • Sacred Space 
  • Intention
  • Envision
  • A container for your evolution

Magic is in the mundane, and we don’t leave the mundane out of the magic. This is where we weave ourselves together. This is the cauldron into which we pour all of the ingredients to cook our lives, to make a healing potion, to write our spells, to receive ourselves, to process what is moving through us, and to dream into existence that which we want to make life about.


  • Connect
  • Share
  • Hold space
  • Listen
  • Be heard

We come together to witness one another. We join our powers to support each other on this personal and collective pilgrimage. Many of us seek connection grounded in meaning and depth. These circles are opportunities to support and be supported, and to learn and experience together.

Event Dates ~ 2021

New Moons

  • January 12th - Capricorn - Manifest
  • February 11th - Aquarius - Revolutionize
  • March 13th - Pisces - Dream
  • April 11th  - Aries - Ignite
  • May 11th - Taurus - Ground 
  • June 10th - Gemini (eclipse) - Communicate
  • July 9th - Cancer - Home 
  • August 8th - Leo - Confidence
  • September 6th - Virgo - Clarity
  • October 6th - Libra - Justice 
  • November 4th - Scorpio - Death 
  • December 3rd - Sagittarius - Adventure

Full Moons

  • January 28th - Leo - Express
  • February 27th - Virgo - Organize
  • March 28th - Libra - Balance
  • April 26th  - Scorpio - Deepen
  • May 26th - Sagittarius (eclipse) - Learn 
  • June 24th - Capricorn - Commitment
  • July 23rd - Aquarius - Community 
  • August 22nd - Aquarius - Collective
  • September 20th - Pisces - Sensitivity
  • October 20th - Aries - Activate 
  • November 19th - Taurus - Enliven 
  • December 18th - Gemini - Inspiration

Each session is conducted live over Zoom

8:30pm-10:30pm (PT)

+ extra time to share at the end.

Each session will include:

Story Time

Mythology related to the astrological signs and the archetypes they represent.


Look at the story and the characters from different angles.


Bring together the metaphors, the mythology, the archetypes, and the teachings and apply them to you, to your life, and to where we are collectively.

Archetypal Work

Explore the astrological sign of the new/full moon as aspects of yourself, and contemplate the ways you want to work with it.


Call in the energies you wish to presence in your life.


Bring the teachings into your body, and move with what moves through you.


Use ancient sounds to awaken teachings, archetypes, and stories in your system.


Hand gestures used as vessels to receive the teachings, the myths, and the parts of you that you are working with.


Poses/forms to hold and move through - for strength, flexibility, and engagement in the inner work from an embodied place.


Different breath exercises to generate clarity, calm, and contemplative states.


Inward focus, centering moments, grounding and elevating practice - slow down, relieve stress, and gain perspective.


Create a sacred space for alchemy and transformation in a ceremonial way.

Time to share at the end (optional)

Open for sharing personal reflections and spontaneous dialogue.


Bonus Material

Sign up for any session or the full series and receive these additional materials, per session:

Bonus 1
Video recording of each session

You will receive streaming access to a video recording of each session, within 48 hours after the session, and likely sooner. Each recording will be available for 30 days following the session.

For those who cannot attend a live session, enroll in the same way and you will automatically receive the recording so you can participate asynchronously at a time that is convenient.

Bonus 2
Journal Prompts & Ritual Ideas

On the waxing and the waning Quarter Moons - about a week after each of our gatherings, you will receive journal prompts as well as a ritual idea. These will support the process of integrating the work we do together in ceremony, as well as take it deeper into the ups and downs, the ins and outs, and the well roundedness of life. 

Here’s what people are saying about Hagar

Noah Maze

Master Yoga Instructor

Hagar is an extraordinary yoga teacher. 

She is deeply passionate about the yoga arts and well studied in its traditions. She is a poet who weaves metaphor and myth through the practice of asana to create an evocative and transformative experience on the yoga mat. She ignites the hearts of her students and inspires them to rise to their greatest potential. Hagar is a blessing to her students, an inspiring mother and householder yogini, and a sadhana sister on the path of yoga that I am proud to call my friend.

Linda Perry


Hagar's practice is life changing.

I know that sounds so "hippie" but it's true. Her teachings help the heart mind spirit and body. Hagar is always on a spiritual quest to better her practice for those around. You know when she discovers something new because she brings it in the next day sharing her life's journey. She always knows exactly what you need.

Charlie Kaufman

Screenwriter & Director

Hagar Harpak is a wonderful yoga teacher.

She is kind, gentle, patient, and enormously skilled. Her lessons come from a place of deep spirituality and connection to the world and to her students.

Continue to play with the moon through all of its phases

To move with the moon is an opportunity to see ourselves through all of our rhythms, our ups and our downs, our fluctuations. We will meet on New Moons and Full Moons, and you will also be supported through the other phases as well, so that you can nurture the whole of you. 

You will receive journal prompts and a ritual idea to continue to work with the moon, informed and inspired by our time together. It will be crafted for the waxing or waning moon quarter moons (this will come into your email box about a week after our gathering, around the quarter moon time).

This work/play/process is feminine, not female. 

All genders are welcome. 

It invites us into the night sky, into changing and phasing, and into the waters of our being. We are going to play with the unconscious, dance with our darkness, honor our shadows, and bask in radiance.

While water, darkness, and unconscious territories are associated with the feminine, we know that it is about the code of feminine, not the gender.

Inclusion is the key here

It is important that we do this for ourselves and for MORE than ourselves. 

Let’s support others through this work, and let’s make these gatherings support us in doing our own work to contribute to social justice. 

The state of the world, the planet, the issues of humanity will not be left out. 

Transformation cannot stop with us, we must take the change into the world. 

This work is evocative - it’s like art

You are the artist

You are the art making

You are the art watcher

You are the paint

You are the canvas

As you create the experience, allow yourself to receive it.

Sometimes it’ll make you joyful

Sometimes it’ll agitate you

Sometimes it’ll be calming and soothing

Sometimes it’ll make you feel sad

Sometimes it’ll take you to your edge

Other times it’ll anchor you in your center







We will do yoga, but this is not a yoga class.

We will gather and work with the moon, but this is not your typical moon circle

This is a ritual/ceremony activity, but it is not a traditional pagan ritual

This is a different kind of experience

It will be meaningful

It will be rich 

It will make you think, feel, and process

I am over the moon about this, and cannot wait to wander in this wonder with you!

Participating in Hagar’s ceremonies connects me to the larger cosmic story of which we are all a part, but which I often fail to recognize in the bustle of everyday life. Hagar creates beautiful containers of sacred space that help me drop-in to the beauty of my own life and the dance of earth’s cycles. Each ceremony is engaging for body, heart and mind, inviting creativity, play, reflection and intimacy. I always leave feeling more connected to the life-giving rhythms of nature, inspired by the other beautiful humans who show up with authenticity and openness, and more rooted in my sense of Self. The ceremonies help me to show up to my life with intention, leaving me more grounded, grateful and enlivened to move back out into ordinary life from a place of deeper love. 

Stephanie Jenkins


Hagar’s moon and seasonal ceremonies have been an essential part of my life during an epically challenging, a devastating year actually. What I love is that I can show up to these communal and ceremonial spaces that Hagar so lovingly creates exactly as I am, which is sometimes a mess, and find the experience spacious enough to envelop me however I show up. And I think this is because Hagar has a magical way of creating community and allowing all the pain, messiness, discomfort, grief as well as joy, beauty, sensuality, humor and grace of our human lives to coexist. Steeped in myth and ancient texts and the cycles of nature, these ceremonies simultaneously allow me and others to process experiences of the time we’re living in now and connect to ancient wisdom. Listening transfixed to Hagar’s luscious retelling of Hindu myths is both deeply pleasurable and deeply thought provoking, and how she connects these stories to mantra and movement to bring them into the body is an experience that is transformative. 

Sarah Eggers

Therapist, Mama

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*Refunds must be requested within a week after the session.

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