Imbolc Somatic Ceremony 2022

Tuesday February 1st, 2022

8:00pm – 10:30pm PST


Awakening beneath the surface

Under the ground, beneath the surface there’s gentle movement. Seeds absorbing water, waiting, receiving nutrients, and allowing the passage of time to sing them back to life. The soil nourishes and keeps them warm. When sunlight grows in power, it will call them to break the shell and sprout toward the light.

There’s a quickening. An awakening. A pregnant earth begins to sing. You hear her whispering about the coming Spring. Mothers Milk begins to flow. Life has more confidence to grow. There’s still cold air and maybe snow. But Winter knows it’s gotta go. And even though it still takes it slow, the pregnant earth is soon to show. 

At the peak of Winter, nature is gathering in power to breathe her creation back to life. Incubation will soon give way to germination.

What about you? What are you dreaming about? What feels sleepy, cozy, and still not ready to grow? And what is awakening in you? What feels enlivening? 

We are going through a lot. The last two years have spinned our minds and hearts into fast changing cycles of hope and hopelessness. We are living through a pandemic, and the human desire to rise, to come back to life, to grow already, to skip death, to rush through germination is at odds with what is actually happening. We hear the echoes of busy lives and try to orient ourselves toward that buzz, but the ecosystem of our souls knows to stay close to the soil.  

So let’s gather, and listen to the wisdom of the earth together. Let’s make space to feel the quickening beneath the surface, and hear the awakening of what wants to come to life both individually and collectively. Let’s allow a gentle collaboration between our desires, what is available for us, and what is needed of us. 

Join me for a Somatic Ceremony to bring the magic of mid-Winter into the body, the mind, the heart, and the creative voice. Through a ritual that weaves together the teachings of Mother Nature, mythology, metaphor, meditation, mantra, mudra, movement, asana, pranayama, journaling, and sharing we hold space for one another and allow the season to support us. 


Due to the surge in Covid cases, we’ll meet on Zoom, and you will also receive a mini-guide for your own ritual out in nature. So this will be a beautiful gathering that will continue to unfold in your life and carry you for the rest of the season. You will also receive a recording so if you cannot be there for the live event, you will still be able to participate at your own time.

Tiered pricing:

  • $45 – supports my work and helps me grow my business in a socially and environmentally conscious way (this helps me keep it accessible for those who can’t afford it)
  • $35 – helps keep these events coming
  • $25 – covers the basics 

No one will be turned away for lack of funding. Please reach out to me and if you can’t afford it right now. We got you.

Hit me up if you have any questions.

I am so looking forward to this embodied ceremonial journey with you!