Moon Mandala – Full Moon in Aries

Initiate Change 

Rise For Justice

Fight For Peace

The Aries archetype is an initiator, an action taker, a “let’s burn the road beneath our rubber” kinda gal. Courageous, innovative, and fiery, enthusiastic, forward plowing, and vibrant. The presence of this full moon is hot. 

This full Moon In Aries meets us in the midst of election season, during a pandemic, while democracy is violently threatened, with intense civil unrest, and while justice crumbles between our fingers, during a year when the planet is screaming at us louder than ever before that she’s had enough. 

Let’s gather and harness the heat, the power, and the ferocity of this moon, of this year, of this time on the earth. Let’s put the coals under our cauldron and stir a brew, a remedy for the aggression that we are facing – all around us and within. Let’s find ways to use the strong, brave, confident, determined qualities of this archetype to stand against injustice. We are called to become leaders – in our minds & hearts, in our families, in society – not in a hierarchical way, but rather by bringing a sense of inclusion to the world. We all have something to give. We all can learn how to receive. 

In this ceremony we will call forth our courage, our passion, our dynamic, and energetic parts to support us during this super charged time. We will move our bodies and use our breath to center ourselves, get grounded, and strengthen our vessel so that we can move through the world without causing more havoc. A mythic/metaphorical journey of asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra, contemplation, and self reflection is waiting for us. 

When: Thursday October 1st – 8:30pm-10:30pm (PDT) + time to share at the end.

Where: On zoom (sign up below to get your link)

How Much: It’s donation based – give what you can. On normal days this ceremony would be $30. These are not normal days. And so I am leaving this up to you. Do take note that sign up and payment are two separate steps – so that those who can’t pay anything can still join. Just make sure to sign up (even if you can’t make it live and only want the recording – you need to sign up!)

What to bring: A yoga mat, pen & paper, and a willingness to dive deep.

Optional: Light a candle. Have an essential oil that smells like innovation, leadership, and action taking to you. Smudging tools. 

Can’t wait to walk on the moon with you! 



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