Moon Mandala – Full Moon in Gemini


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This full moon welcomes us into eclipse season – a doorway into a wild dance of shadow and light. Hidden and expansive. Healing and evocative. In the sweet and salty spaces of the year’s end, we are ushered into time of self reflection. 

  • Who we want to be in relationship to the whole – the fragmented, woven together, broken, reconstructed pieces of yourself and society. Who do you want to be? 
  • How we express ourselves in the context of something greater than ourselves – the creative flow of the universe, of the earth, and of your embodied sense of being you. What do you want to give voice to? 
  • What we hear and what we want to say – the ways we think things through, the ways we feel into them. How does the world speak to us? How does the world speak through us? 

Join live or get the recording later – breathe and move, meditate, and chant, enliven mythology and bring it into your body so that you can weave it into your life, connect to yourself and to others through this transformative ritual. 

You’ll receive:

  • Inspiring, thought/feeling provoking storytelling and archetype exploration.
  • Physical embodiment of the moon’s metaphors through asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra, and kriya. 
  • A personal and collective experience of connecting to where we are in nature’s cycle – a powerful way for your body/mind/heart/creativity to recharge and reclaim space and presence in the cosmos and in your own life. 
  • At the end – an opportunity to share and hold space for others.
  • About a week later – Prompts & Practice/Ritual idea for continuation of your work with what you invoke during our time together. 

When: Sunday November 29th – 8:30pm- 10:30pm(ish) + time to share at the end. 

Where: On Zoom (sign up to get your link) 

How Much: It’s donation based. (At a normal time I would price this at $30, but since this is not normal time, and I know people are struggling, I ask that you give what works for you at this time.)

What to bring: A yoga mat, pen and paper. 

Optional: Smudging tools, essential oil that smells like creativity and community for you. Light a candle and set up an altar with objects and/or images that represent inspiration, freedom, expression, listening, adventure, and wisdom.

  • Note: While incorporating yoga, this is not a yoga class, while it is a ceremony, it is not a pagan ritual, it certainly isn’t a typical moon circle. It is an innovative space for you to explore and experience yourself deeply, widely, and wildly. Please come open minded, open hearted, and with a willingness let a journey unfold.
  • ANOTHER NOTE: Donation and sign up are two separate steps – if you do one, make sure you do the other one too (and if you can’t donate at the moment, you can still sign up and participate). ALSO – if you can’t join us live, and you want the recording PLEASE SIGN UP and it’ll come your way. 

Thank you SO MUCH! I can’t wait to go on this journey together. 



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