Lughnasadh & Full Moon in Aquarius Somatic Ceremony

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Lughnasadh & Full Moon in Aquarius Somatic Ceremony

Summer is reaching its peak. The land turns from green to gold. The earth expresses herself through bounty and beauty. She offers, she gives, she’s inviting. She’s in her Mother Goddess garments, full and generous, generative and overflowing with gifts to share. Abundance and sunshine dance across gardens and fields. It’s harvest time! 

As we move through Summer this year, we are faced with a different kind of prosperity charm. We are asked to redefine abundance. To count our blessings right now, may mean something completely different than ever before. With so much crisis all around, it may not be easy to access the usual spirit of this time. But as the sun begins to weaken in strength, and Summer enters its second phase, slipping towards Fall, we can seek ways to stand with feet rooted in gratitude. 

So let’s gather around a virtual fire, and gather the gifts that this year offers. They may be hidden beneath the surface. The seeds of what is harvested now were once beneath the earth. To grow again into future harvest, the seeds of the current grain must break, and fall, and disappear into soil. Death & Rebirth are etched into the cycles of the Earth. What is hidden in the ground of this year for you? 

To look at things from different angles. To revolutionize ourselves and the world. To break up with old ways that no longer belong. This is the invitation of this Full Moon, and this first harvest holiday of 2020. 

Join me on Sunday August 2nd for a Somatic Ceremony to celebrate Lughnasadh and Aquarius Full Moon – embody abundance and dance into our evolution. With breath work, asana, movement, mantra, mudra, meditation, intention, invocation, contemplation, and inspiration. 

When: Sunday August 2nd – 11am-1pm.

Where: On Zoom (sign up below to get your link)

How Much: It’s donation based.

What to bring: Pen & Paper, and yoga mat.

Optional: A candle, smudge tools, an essential oil that speaks to you in abundance.

Can’t wait to share this sacred space with you! 



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