Cultivate courage in turbulent times.

There is a goddess – a power in the universe – for tough times. The metaphors in her mythology can inspire and empower us in this new reality of isolation, fear, and uncertainty. 

Durga is the energy in us that is badass, and can get us through the trenches. She’s the ability that we have to make the journey – as hard as it may be – valuable, meaningful, and beautiful. Durga is the call to be tough, without losing tenderness. She is our capacity to take charge during crisis, and offer strength, support, comfort and compassion (to ourselves and to others). She is the invitation to step into our power, hold steady, and adapt to the circumstances as needed. 

In the next few weeks we will gather for a weekly session of story time, movement, meditation, and breath. It’ll be both a fierce and a gentle conversation and practice. I look forward to sharing these evening classes with you.

Thursdays – 8:30pm (Pacific Time)

Have a mat, a journal, and a pen. 

If you can’t make it to a live class, I will send you a recording. 

Suggested donation – $10-$20 per session. However, these are tough times, and if you are low on resources, please don’t hesitate – give what you can or give nothing at all. DO NOT let money stop you. If you’re interested – you’re welcome! 

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