Samhain & Taurus Full Moon Somatic Ceremony

Darkness. Death.  Decay. Welcome to the peak of Autumn, the pit of darkness, the point where death informs life, and the unknown spreads its wings to carry us over the horizon towards the end and a new beginning.  Time to howl and heal, descend and dissolve, roar and reflect. Samhain is New Year’s in some old traditions. It’s the last harvest, when the last fruit falls to the earth, and decay guides our journey to the [...]

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Moon Mandala – New Moon in Libra

Connect to yourself.  Weave your life together.  Integrate your parts. Equality, justice, and the ebb and flow of life’s polar opposites are at the core of Libra’s presence. There is no perfect balance, but we can strive for fairness. There’s no complete homeostasis, but we can breathe steadiness into tumultuous situations, or into the madness of the mundane. Libra’s goal is harmony, and since that is not what the world offers us - now or ever [...]

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