September Serenade

Happy (or interesting, or deep, or loving, or gentle, or lit up, or peaceful, or fierce, or enlivening, or grounded, or spacious, or evolutionary, or whatever you are calling into your life right now) September!    Can you believe it’s September already?! How? I have always had a complicated relationship with this month. As a kid, school started on September 1st. I was building up sadness through all of August in preparation for this horrible day that marked the end [...]

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Carve Your Own Path

How is your body feeling as the moon wanes, post its blue lunar fullness? How is your heart, as the sun’s power slowly surrenders to shorter days? How is your mind dealing with the spinning of the world through this phase in global pandemic, this wave of humanitarian crisis, this hit of natural disasters?   I hope that you give yourself a few gentle pauses throughout the day to check in with yourself, and to check in with loved ones. [...]

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In The Liminal

How’s your nervous system these days? Are you grounded enough? Are you moving enough? Are you breathing?    Whether you’re feeling completely lost at sea in this unfamiliar world right now, or trying to fit into old models of pre-pandemic living, or actually reaching a place where your feet land on soil, the voice of the liminal echoes through the chambers of this time.   I shared with you last week some of my thoughts about uncertainty. It is interesting [...]

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Empowered In Times Of Uncertainty

How are you feeling during this period of opening, and closing, and still opening, and having to weigh the risks, and figure out how to move forward, how to take care of yourself and take care of others, how to live in this current world, and maybe how to reinvent it?   What are you present to on this August day, having passed the point of Mid-Summer, with the sun still strong, and with the leaves of the Sycamore trees [...]

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To Be A Fool

What are you learning lately? What are the current most valuable lessons that you are taking in right now?    I’ve been thinking about the archetype of the Fool a lot lately.    A nomad. A joker. A fresh outlook. A new perspective. Wandering aimlessly. Or so it seems. Speaking the truth. Living in integrity. An explorer. A wild spirit. A tree hugger. An innocent mind and a wise ass. Carrying life’s experiences and important lessons in a sack on [...]

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Where You Place Your Heart

What’s in your heart these days? If you could articulate your heart’s message right now, what would it say? What words? What colors? What textures? What shapes would it take?    Where do you place your heart? Who do you offer it to? What are you dedicated to?   In Sanskrit, Shraddha is the word for Faith. It literally translates as; Where you place your heart.   I love that, because it takes away the need to believe, and offers, [...]

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What To Accept When You’re Accepting

I feel like it was last week when the Sycamore trees on our street started to bedeck themselves with green. Time has been spinning faster and faster. The Sycamore leaves are yellow and brown now, drying up, ready to make their annual Autumn crunchy carpet on the street. I watch these stunning trees on my walks, in awe of their ability to change, to let go, to cycle through the years without protest, to give into aging and death with [...]

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Pixies & Purge

I am out in the back with the kids. They are playing with water and mud. Slippery and covered in childhood memories. The hot afternoon california Summer sun dancing on their faces with rays of youthful sparkles.    I am playing Pixies. The bluetooth speaker vibrating in the cup holder of my camp chair. “Hey! Been trying to meet you... Oooo ooo oooo ooo ooo…” Memories of cold nights on platform shoes, outside the clubs in Jerusalem of the 90’s.  [...]

Deal With The Not Ideal – A Gateway Into Your Sensitivity

We are marked by these days of uncertainty and instability. Coiling and uncoiling through this dissolutionary and possibly profoundly evolutionary phase, as we ride the waves of the unknown. Shattered and shaped and reshaped by the unusual movements of the earth beneath our feet. We are all trying to figure out how to stand, as this is a whole new ground. And it isn’t yet formed. There is no way to not be affected by the experiences of this year. [...]

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Complexity, Entanglement, And The Pursuit Of Antiracism.

The times we live in. This world. Crisis. Crisis within crisis. Hope. Anger. Injustice.  Hopelessness. Pandemic. The individual. The collective. The cosmos. Relationships.  Humanity.   Past. Present. Future.   It’s complicated. It’s entangled. It’s complex.    Humans want to simplify things.  Humans created a creator so that they can explain creation.  The universe is so vast and ungraspable, and humans want to be able to “get it.” We want things to be black or white. (pun intended) It’s much easier [...]

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