Hagar’s Story


Once upon a time, in 2003, I walked into my first yoga class. It was love at first pose. I fell head over heels, straight into a handstand. Hooked.

Movement has always been the language of my soul. After a lifetime of exploring my body through dance, yoga felt like a smooth transition into my next incarnation.

It was my body that got me on the mat. It was my heart that exploded with love and kept me going back every day. But it was my mind that sealed the deal. My intellect was starving for something like this – rich, deep, and infinite. The philosophy, the mythology, the history, the anatomy; the possibilities of learning and exploring on the path of yoga are endless. I was stoked.

Besides, I was an aspiring actress in LA in the early 2000’s . . . becoming a yoga teacher was only the most natural next step.

So I completed my first teacher training in 2004, with Noah Maze and Naime Jezzeny. I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours since with many incredible teachers – studying, training, and practicing.

Embodying the teachings – on and off he mat – became my passion. Yoga philosophy turned me on. I have been dedicated to studying with professor Douglas Brooks – a renowned scholar of Eastern Religion – since 2004, and my love for philosophy is ever growing.

I began teaching in 2005 – raw, young, and enthusiastic. Over the years I taught publicly, privately, nationally and internationally, classes, workshops, and trainings. And since then I have turned refined, old, and jaded.

In 2012 the clarity of my trajectory got blurry. The system of yoga that I was teaching went down due to a scandal that involved its founder. It was the right time to shift my focus. So my husband Andrew and I went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon and made a baby.

Meanwhile, in the urban jungle of yoga, everything was changing. While I spent my days and nights breastfeeding and staring into my baby girl’s eyes, the scene was taken over by a fast paced, image driven, giant hashtag. The depth of motherhood pulled me in. Yoga still was my breath of life. But my relationship to the industry was shifting.

For me, yoga is a ceremonial experience, a sacred space, a sanctuary of connection to myself, to life, to Mother Nature, and to the cosmos.

With the goddess traditions from the south of India leading the way, the gateways into different goddess traditions from different parts of the world opened up in me. In recent years, I have found myself swimming in the waters of the priestess tradition (with deep gratitude to Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner).

Out of a deep need to feel more connected to nature, I created Somatic Ceremonies – transformational events that mark the cycles of the earth, and the transition of the seasons. With myth and metaphors, we weave together movement, breath, contemplation, meditation, chanting, and sharing. And I absolutely love to feed my guests with a healthy, vegan, organic meal at the end.

My interest in the human body sparked a burning desire to learn more, which in 2016 finally took me to massage school. Simultaneously, my love affair with Craniosacral Therapy placed me on the path to become a practitioner. I have yet to complete my certification in both, because around the same time, Andrew and I made another baby.

In April of 2017, seven weeks before his due date, our little boy joined our family. He shook our lives with more infinite love, with the vulnerability of surprise, and with the juggle and chaos of having two kids.

It has been a gorgeous, heart filling, exhausting couple of years. What is emerging as I weave together deep study, profound practice, and the mind blowing beauty and intensity of motherhood, is a new set of offerings. I have scaled down my teaching schedule so that I can raise my children, but I am more excited than ever to share with you what I learn along the way, and to create meaningful and useful content.

There are several books about motherhood and yoga writing themselves in my head. I am trying to focus on completing one. I am also working on bringing to life an online program for mamas.

I’m here to support your movement through the ups and downs of life, to remind you that you’re not alone in your struggles. I want you to know that every part of you matters – from raw to refined, from primal to the most evolved, from your brightest light to the depth of your darkness. Be human. Engage. Empower. Explore. I hope to inspire you to make yoga your own. This journey is YOURS.

You are the point the universe is trying to make


My Mission


My intention is to create sacred space for deep conversations about creativity, yoga, art, nature, life, and the cosmos through practice, contemplation, and ritual. 

I hope to help others find the rhythms of Mother Earth in the flow of daily, modern living. 

On the physical level, it is important for me to offer a wide range of possibilities – from therapeutic sessions to challenging practices, from restorative yoga to advanced asana. Each body is different. Each person’s needs are different. Each day is different. Different people benefit from different things at different times. I am committed to making yoga personal and inclusive. I invite you to be where you are today, meet who you are today, and practice accordingly.

What I wish to remind us all is that teachers come in many forms; From nature to culture, from instincts to art, from anatomy to philosophy, from physical sensations to dance and poetry and music… Sure, sometimes teachers are actual people in our lives. But one person can never be the keeper of all secrets and all answers. So ask questions. Doubt. Embrace complexity. I’m really not into the guru thing. 

My mission is to inspire the weaving together of the sacred and the mundane, to spark connection to creativity, and to make life meaningful instead of looking for the meaning of life.

I am delighted to have you here with me.

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