Sunday December 19th, 2021*

2:30pm – 5:00pm

Depth Of Darkness

Birth Of Brightness

On Winter Solstice, night stretches its wings wide across the sky. 

Light pulses deep beneath the layers of the earth. Deep in the dark. Deep within the womb of creation. Deep deep deep. In the depth of darkness, Light rests. It surrenders the pressure of being fabulous. Quiet. Naked. Unseen. Unknown. In the dark, Light lets itself soften. It breaks open. Vulnerability. Humility. Doubts. Questions. It has time and space to grieve. In the dark, Light can dream. Contemplate. Envision. Deep under the blanket of darkness, Light allows itself to die.

In its death, light releases the seed of new life. 

Let’s cast a somatic spell in this potent and profound time of year, in this outrageously intense time on the planet. Let’s move in the liminal space of death and rebirth, the pause between the completion of a cycle and the opening to a new one, the end of this year and the threshold of a new beginning, in the wild continuum of existence. Let’s dream in the dark and breathe our visions – personal and planetary – into life.

We will breathe together, move, meditate, and chant together. We will contemplate and journal and share. The sequence of poses will be slow and grounding, soul nourishing and goddessly sparkled with mudras and mantras and delicious myths, metaphors, and magic. Join us on the beach, where we will kiss the sun goodnight, and bless the birth of a new season. Bring warm clothes and some more extra layers, a warm hat, a hot beverage, and a blanket to keep you cozy. Bring a mat if you wish, or let your hands and feet dig in the sand (supine poses will be part of the sequence, so take that into consideration). Bring a journal and a pen. Bring a loved one. Bring all that moved through you this past year – the lessons, the grief, the treasures, the heartbreaks. And together, let’s plant the seeds of our visions in soil that is enriched by our individual as well as our collective fierce transformation. 

I am so looking forward to this embodied ceremonial journey with you.


  • On the beach in the Santa Monica area (you will get all the details once you sign up)

Tiered pricing:

  • $45 – supports my work and helps me grow my business in a socially and environmentally conscious way (this helps me keep it accessible for those who can’t afford it)
  • $35 – helps keep these events coming
  • $25 – covers the basics 

No one will be turned away for lack of funding. Please reach out to me and if you can’t afford it right now. We got you.

Hit me up if you have any questions.



Covid note:

  • To protect ourselves and one another, we ask that you will be vaccinated for this event.

*Date note:

  • We are doing this on the Sunday prior to the actual Solstice on December 21!