Hey love,


Happy New Moon! 


This new Lunar Cycle begins today in the sign of Taurus – the archetype of mid-Spring, embodying the sensual, flourishing, fertile vibes of the season.


It calls us into pleasure. “Stop working so damn hard!” she says as she runs barefoot into the meadow, where a carpet of colorful blossoms meet her skin tenderly, and wash over her eyes, as the scent fills her nose with the promise of good things. 


This new moon is a “drop it all and love your body!” kind of vibe. And love another body while you’re at it! And all bodies – might as well! And love the body of which we’re all a part. 


Taurus is the earth in her voluptuous form. And she wants us to love her. And appreciate her. And stop destroying her. 


Pleasure for pleasure’s sake is one of the ways to restore her. 


Taurus New Moon initiates us into abundance. It’s the time of year that takes us through intoxicating scents of flowers and into delicious, sweet, and juicy fruit. The archetype of Taurus loves to be surrounded by beauty. It seeks comfort and ease. It wants to relish life, to feel the pleasure of physical existence, and to bask in the growing light of the sun, as its glow spreads over the green, lush expression of mother nature. 


The Jacarandas are coming into their purple purpose. The Sycamores are greenified to the max. 


Goddesses like Lakshmi and Aphrodite bring this archetype home, with beauty and bounty and bootyliciousness. Pink and red and gold, sprinkled over sparkly green earth. Nature’s prosperity and resourcefulness. Culture’s pruning, grooming, and making meaning by the art of caretaking and creating something of value.  


But maybe you’re not feeling it at all. I don’t know, man! This is not a regular Spring. 


This last year and a something has brought to our attention that the race to nowhere has got to stop. And so if you’re tired, and unmotivated, and not at all feeling the flourishing you thought you should by now, take the pressure off.


And put some pleasure on!


The bull (Taurus is a bull, of course) has a primordial energy. He speaks to us from ancient times at the daybreak of civilization. He is strong. He is fertile. He is a force of nature, filled with virility and potency. He is powerful, and his presence is penetrative. Wild and domesticated. Fecund and fierce. 


Bull takes us through plowing the fields, and getting more cows pregnant. From the kind of strength that can move through forces of great intensity, through challenges such as domesticating beasts and plants, to the power of creating life itself. The bull represents the wildness of nature, and the human capacity to harness this power and make more with it. 


The bull is a symbol of fertility and virility, of food and sex. Where there is a bull, there is a cow. The cow is the mother. The mother is the milk. The milk is the nourishment of life. Where there is bull there is the ability to work the land and grow more nourishment. The bull marks the moment when the land became something humans cultivated, discovering this work can produce wealth. 


The words cattle and capitalism have the same etymological root. To have a bull meant having wealth. The bull was enslaved by humans to do the hard work. Then bred by humans to give humans more food – from the fields that it worked, to the milk of the cow, to the meat that could feed a lot of people. 


Is this the source of our obsession with wealth? Was the domesticating of the bull the beginning of our obsession with work? With over working? What we first did with the bull, we then began to do with other humans – enslaving animals was the beginning of a trend that quickly developed into enslaving fellow humans. And look at us now – not only are we eating the strange fruit that grew on the trees of enslavement, but so many of us under capitalist regimes are working around the clock just to make ends meet, with the dangling carrot of the promise of success and wealth. One day. Maybe. If we keep busting ass.


The bull speaks to us from the dawn of civilization, telling us the story of how we became bullies. How we began to dominate nature. How we stopped respecting the feminine. How we’ve lost touch with that which has birthed us. How we’ve taken and keep on taking. How disrespectful we’ve been of those who have stayed close to the earth. 


Capitalism is a bullying force.


Civilization is a loaded word – while it refers to society as it formed into urban developments, it has also become a problematic concept that suggests, at its core, that to be uncivilized is to be a savage. It is drawing a constellation, connecting between racism and capitalism. 


And yet the bull represents the immense power of nature – something humans can never control. Body solid. Horns fierce. Milk flowing. Fertile earth. 


Learning to be both civilized and savage is what we actually need in order to replenish, restore, and rebuild relationships of reciprocity – with the plants, the animals, and other people. 


Taurus carries the potent power of Mother Nature, as well as the delicate, nuanced refining capacity of culture, of art, of the empowerment to not only receive the gift of life, but to engage it, and make something even more spectacular with it. 


As we move with the archetypes, metaphors, and possibilities of this new moon, we choreograph a dance between the untamed and the domesticated. We give ourselves into the rich soil of mid May, into the invitation to grow a garden guided by our vision, and supported by forces out of our control. We plant seeds and let the moonlight and sunshine and wind do their thing. We water and weed and then we wait and let the wild cast its spell over our lives. We receive the lush and luscious outburst of nature, and participate in the beauty as we refine our character and make things better. For everyone. 


We can receive this new moon as an opportunity to break up with the bullying tendencies of capitalism. It expects us to work without stopping, to only let pleasure in as a reward, and to push and push and push our way to the top. This needs to stop. And it stops with us. And we can stop it now.


So let’s let pleasure in.


What gives you pleasure, darling? 


Focus on that today. And let today spill into tomorrow. And next week. And next year. This life is precious! It’s yours! It’s everyone’s! Love it up! And spread the love. 


Thank you so much for going on this bull ride with me. If it stirred any interesting thoughts for you, please share them with me in the comments below, and share this blog with someone you want to have these kinds of conversations with. 


So much love,