Welcome to the peak of Autumn, the pit of darkness, the point where death informs life, and the unknown spreads its wings to carry us over the horizon towards the end and a new beginning. 

Time to howl and heal, descend and dissolve, roar and reflect.

Samhain is New Year’s in some old traditions. It’s the last harvest, when the last fruit falls to the earth, and decay guides our journey to the underworld. The metaphors of death vibrate through the life of this season. We walk through the threshold of Samahin as the midpoint between Fall and Winter, and as the sun moves further south, the nights become longer each day, and we cross into the shadow territory of our souls. It is said that the veil between the worlds is thin during this time, and that the spirits of our ancestors are nearby. What do we find in the graveyards of our lives? 

Join me for a Samahin Somatic Ceremony and a full moon ritual. We will explore and contemplate the potent metaphors of this time of year, using stories, archetypes, and the rhythm of the earth as inspiration. What is your relationship to death? What are you ready to drop to the earth and allow the process of decay to take over? What could emerge from that which you are releasing? In what ways does darkness nourish your life? We will turn to our breath and allow it to take us with the winds of the season into the depth of soil and into the vastness of the cosmos. We will meditate and move our bodies, and use asana, kriya, mudra, mantra, and a spark of magic to connect to Mother Nature, to the grandness universe, to the wisdom of elders, to the messages of our ancestors, to our own inner guidance, and to the power of life as it takes the shapelessness of death, and moves through us and all around us.  

You will also receive prompts and a ritual idea to keep working with what we’ve invoked during this ceremony. (expect it to arrive in your mailbox about a week after). 

When: Friday October 30th – 8:30pm-10:30pm (PDT) + time to share at the end.

Where: On zoom + the recording  (sign up below to get your link)

How Much: It’s donation based – give what you can. On normal days this ceremony would be $30. These are not normal days. And so I am leaving this up to you. Give what you can, and know that you are so welcome in this sacred space! 

  • Please note: sign up and payment are two separate steps – those who can’t pay anything can still join. Just make sure to sign up (even if you can’t make it live and only want the recording – you need to sign up!)

What to bring: A yoga mat, pen & paper, and a willingness to dive deep.

Optional: Light a candle. Have an essential oil that smells like death and decay. Just kidding! Frankincense or Lavender would be great, or anything that takes you into the realms of dissolution. Smudging tools. Make an altar with Fall colors, images of darkness, death, and shadow, or deities that represent these themes for you, photos of ancestors, and fruit or any food a deceased loved one loved. 

Can’t wait to howl at the moon with you!



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