Connect to yourself. 

Weave your life together. 

Integrate your parts.

Equality, justice, and the ebb and flow of life’s polar opposites are at the core of Libra’s presence. There is no perfect balance, but we can strive for fairness. There’s no complete homeostasis, but we can breathe steadiness into tumultuous situations, or into the madness of the mundane. Libra’s goal is harmony, and since that is not what the world offers us – now or ever – we can learn to make meaning within chaos, and bring beauty to dissonance. 

Sign up for this new moon ceremony, and get a prerecorded video of embodied ritual, in which we will dive into contemplation and exploration of this archetype that loves relationships and constantly seeks balance. Bring the mind, the heart, the body, and the creative spark into self inquiry around confrontation and cooperation, conflict and consideration, contradiction and coalition. We will breathe and breathe and breathe. Mantras and mudras will be woven into movement, asana, and meditation. You will draw a mandala of nature’s elements around yourself, and invoke the peaceful presence of the Libra essence to help bring some calm to the craziness of our times. 

This Moon Mandala is your space for yourself – an opportunity to work with what is moving through you personally, and what is going on collectively, as you call in what your life wants and what the world needs. 

When: The New Moon in Libra is on Friday October 16th. Sign up to get your pre recorded ritual by Thursday the 15th, and do it at your own time, whenever it’s convenient for you. 

Where: Where you’re at! 

How Much: It’s donation based. (At a normal time I would price this at $30, but since this is not normal time, and I know people are struggling, I ask that you give what works for you at this time.)

What to have ready: A yoga mat, pen and paper. 

Optional: Smudging tools, essential oil that smells like balance for you. Light a candle and set up an altar with objects and/or images that represent justice, equilibrium, relationship, and a weaving together of masculine and feminine.

  • Note: While incorporating yoga, this is not a yoga class, it is a ceremony, but is not a pagan ritual, and it certainly isn’t a typical moon circle. Please come open minded, open hearted, and with a willingness allow an experience to unfold.
  • ANOTHER NOTE: Donation and sign up are two separate steps – if you do one, make sure you do the other one too (and if you can’t donate at the moment, you can still sign up and participate). 

Thank you SO MUCH! I am so excited to offer this to you.



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