The energy of Summer is slipping away. We are making our way toward the dark days of the year. It feels like we’ve been in the dark days of the year the whole year. The Great Unknown has been a reliable friend. It’s back to school time for some of us. Like other people, I feel a sense of stagnation, even as we move into this new beginning. This year demands of us to stay put as we fall apart. Monotony. Yet all around us and within us a lot is changing. 


What do you want to change? 


There’s anxiety in the air. There’s a lot of misinformation. Plenty of frustration, fury, and fear. A fricking pandemic. There’s the stress of this coming election. So much is at stake. Police brutality and systemic racism are not exactly going away. Encouraged by the president, violence is legitimized, hate is inflamed, and people are shooting other people. Democracy (well, the sort of democracy of this country) is in danger. And now we’re entering the busy, dispersed energy of the end of Summer, without a clear destination to direct ourselves towards. You may feel all over the place. Soon the leaves will join you as they dry up and fall off the trees and scatter around with the wind. 


What do you want to release into the wind?


To be honest with you, I’ve always felt a bit melancholic during this time of year. Back to school feels oppressive to me. The end of Summer feels sad. This new beginning tastes more like an end. I remember getting together with my best friend on the last week of Summer Break to draw something on the first page of every notebook, something that’s inspired by the subject, something that gives meaning to life as we grieve the end of freedom. Getting creative was the only way to get through it. The end of Summer break felt like a death. Another year has gone by. Another year of our glorious childhood has passed. We did not want to grow up. I have a similar experience now as a mama. Every school year that starts marks the growing up of my children (not to mention the getting older of me).\ And the years are flying by. Time has been its own strange experience this year, it feels as though it has collapsed upon itself. 


So what do we want to do with the time that we have here in this body on this planet? 


Loss seems to be a common thread that weaves together 2020’s shattering of the world. People have lost their health, their loved ones, their source of income, their homes… Many of us have lost a sense of direction. 


So where do we want to go from here? 


The end is the portal into a new beginning. The beginning is always in the middle of something.  

We are always in transition. Inhale gives way to exhale. Exhale generates the next inhale. There’s a pause between each phase. There’s a space that is the center of everything, and it marks the end as it announces the beginning. Every breath an opportunity to move intentionally. To be open. To be strong. To focus on what matters to us. 


Where do we roll from here?


We can gather the pieces of our lives that feel relevant, inspiring, important, and meaningful. We can connect the parts that work well together, the parts that support one another, the ones that we can build new structures with. And we can anchor into our center, into the hub of the wheel. What do you want to focus on as you move into a new season, into the next phase? What do you need to release into the darkening night in order to support your initiatives?


Where do you want to put your attention? 


This is an important moment. To be in our center right now, to coalesce as the hub of the wheel, is key to moving through the fire hoops and the seemingly impenetrable ice walls of our times, and come out the other side wiser, more connected to ourselves, to one another, and to mother nature, and open to recreate the world in a more just, sustainable, equal, and healthy way.


Who do you want to be?


Let these contemplations move through you this week. Journal about it if you are inspired to.


Here is a super simple practice you can do to help yourself anchor into your center quickly (You can sit comfortably and close your eyes if you have the ability to do so in the moment, or you can just take a quick moment wherever you are to do this):


Slow your breath down and feel it moving in and out of your nostrils. Into your inner space, and out to the world. From your environment into you, and from you into the space around you. Notice the pause between your inhale and your exhale inside your body. Notice the pause between your exhale and inhale in the place where your body meets the environment you’re in. Slowly begin to expand the gaps between your breaths. Pause deep in the heart space at the end of the inhale. Pause where the air that flows out of your nostrils hits at the end of your exhalation (traditionally it is 12 fingers distance from your nostrils – that’s where your subtle body ends and the rest of the world begins). 


You can do this practice for one minute just to get yourself centered when you feel scattered and you need a quick support. Or you can sit with it for fifteen to twenty minutes daily. It’s always here for you when you need it. Every breath is a gateway – the middle of something, the end, and the new beginning. 


Take good care of yourself. Rest when you need to. I’m loving you from over here and immensely grateful for you. 


And I’d LOVE to hear from you! Please share in the comments and let me know: What are you finding in your center these days?