Twice a year we get to experience the balance between day and night, darkness and light. Equinox is a moment in time that offers a glimpse into equilibrium. Many people treat balance as a goal. #balance #lifegoal But let’s face it –  balance only exists here and there for a split second, and then it tips over towards more of one thing, and less of another. 


Equilibrium is a state in which polar energies are balanced. It offers the experience of equanimity, where one feels calm and even, confident and composed. It generates a sense of steadiness, which conjures up a state of equality – fairness and justice as an expression of liberty. 


Balance holds in it, as a core principle, the interconnectedness of stability and freedom – forces that compliment, contradict, and complete each other, always moving in relationship to one another – in and out of balance. Being such a rare event in the universe, we may want to consider a continuous process of integrating all that life offers us, engaging it, rather than always searching for the holy grail of balance. 


In these unsteady times, how do you cultivate a grounded environment within you and around you?


How do you engage the current events?


How do you integrate what emerges in you and around you with the person that you are and the life that you’ve been living so far? 


As we all face more restrictions, barriers, and limitations to our movement, our activities, our food, and our finances, what is your relationship to freedom during this time? 


What can the imbalance in our lives during this crisis that shakes our world, tell us about who we are – collectively and individually? 


Spring Equinox tips us over towards the light. We are already a couple of days into this season, and the sun is gaining power. Light feeds and nourishes all living beings. It strengthens the life force and promotes growth. Light gifts us with the capacity to see, and with it gives us more clarity.


What have you been growing this year, until the crisis hit? 


What is growing in you during this unprecedented time? 


What is the nourishment that you receive through this upheaval?


What are you seeing more clearly these days? Through the lens of the coronavirus and all that it produces, how do you see yourself? How do you see the world? How do you see your relationship to the world? 


How can you weave the lessons, the gifts, the shit, and the gold of this time, to what you envisioned for yourself for this year? GO DEEP… It may seem like it all fell apart. But what is in the core of your intention/goal/idea/vision? Pull on some of these threads, and see where they take you. How can your intentions interact with what is arising for you and in you? 


We need to keep reminding ourselves and each other of our resilience. We have the capacity to recover from difficulties, just like the earth grows green again after the hardships of Winter.  We are tough, and we are elastic. We can endure challenges and hardships and SPRING back into shape. We adapt. And we stabilize. We bend so that we don’t break.  


Resilience is the ability to cope in the face of setbacks, barriers, and limited resources. Just the way that a naked tree stands vulnerable through wind and frost, and then (now) regrows leaves, explodes with blossoms, and will soon produce fruit. 


How much are you willing to bend and adjust (your dreams, habits, goals, desires, thought patterns) right now, in order to handle this crisis in a way that serves you, and serves more than you? 


What parts of you do you feel really strong in right now? 


What parts of you are you strengthening through the dystopia of these days? 


What do you need to work on – in yourself and in your life – in order to walk through this collective fire, and come out transformed? 


I hope that these questions help stir in you feelings of empowerment and connection. 


As we watch the natural world dancing with aliveness, may we receive the Earth’s guidance, and learn, perhaps with the nudge of this global turmoil, to live closer to mother nature, in kinder, less harmful and more reciprocal ways.


Now I would LOVE to know how this touches you. So make some tea, grab a snack, take these prompts, and journal about them – one of them, a few of them, or all of them. There’s no right or wrong way. You might have long, elaborate contemplations. Or maybe just a few words. Please comment below and share some of your thoughts and feelings. It could be really helpful and supportive to interact with each other during this time. So please do share.  


All my love,