My Mom thinks that covid-19 came here for her. Like the angel of death showing up at your doorstep – “It’s time to come with me.” He whispers from within his dark cloak. Not a hint of a smile, she continues and explains how this virus affirms all of HER anxiety. SHE has always known her biggest fears were going to come true. This global crisis is happening to HER. Glued to the TV, she hasn’t really left the house in a couple of weeks, she says with conviction: “I know that I’m going to die from the Coronavirus. I just know.”


There are people who are SURE that THIS will NOT happen to THEM. This whole thing is ridiculous in their opinion. They are not afraid. They are young. They are healthy. This whole thing is blown way out of proportions, if it’s even real. It’s all about how it’s NOT happening to THEM. THEY will not die from it. They won’t even get sick. Ever. What an over reaction. 


This global crisis is touching ALL of us and EACH of us. We are each – personally affected by it (not just the disease, but everything that is unfolding – politically, financially, in daily life, in future planning). 


The guy who lost his job yesterday. 


The woman who feels like this is really all she needed in her life right now – with a demanding job, and a kid to take care of, and a marriage that’s falling apart. 


The single mom who has to go through this alone. Hardly making it through the month. And now homeschool the kids and no income and an asshole ex-husband and a mortgage and giant pile of laundry next to the pile of broken dreams.


The musician. The owner of the restaurant that finally opened after years of dreaming and hard work. The young woman who just moved to LA last month, with big dreams, two suitcases, and not a lot of cash. The yoga teacher who has to cancel classes, retreats and trainings. The stripper. The yoga star who has to cancel his tour. The flight attendant. The massage Therapist. The farmer. The Doctor. 


Single people who are all alone. 


Families scrambling to get by. 


The new mom and dad with their newborn baby. 


The mom who LOVES this slowing down, and the new rhythm, and the togetherness of isolation…


It’s personal. This IS happening to YOU. And to your neighbor. To your child. To your spouse. To your cousin in Italy. Your friend who was in the middle of a spiritual journey in India. Your ex. Your friend. Your kid’s teacher. The server at your favorite restaurant. The bartender who knows all your secrets. The film crew that worked on your favorite show to binge on. Your therapist. Your mama. 


It’s happening to each and every one of us. This collective emergency is a personal event. 


And we experience it, perhaps, in different ways from one another. We all have feelings about it, and thoughts around it, and some of us have a physical interaction with this situation.

Some of us feel trauma. Some of us are annoyed. 


And in our isolation, socially distant from one another, we really are all in this together. 


So now tell me, please, how are you experiencing this Sci-Fi Dystopian movie, of which YOU are the main character? Comment below and please share. However this is touching you – let me know. I want to hear from you.