Somewhere between fear and disregarding the facts.

Somewhere between dismissing the seriousness of the situation and total panic. 

Between freaking out and mocking the freak out. 

Between hysteria and being cautious. 

Somewhere between believing everything the media says and believing it’s all a conspiracy. 

Between blaming it all on pharmaceutical companies and desperately begging for a test.

Between the lies of the president and the truth smacking us in the face.  

Somewhere between sheets of toilet paper, on top of empty shelves, inside empty bottles of  homemade hand sanitizer, underneath empty words, with empty minds. 

Somewhere in this whole new world that’s unfolding in us, as the world around closes in on us…


Somewhere in all of us there’s resilience. 


It’s not gonna be easy. It’s not simple. But you have the strength to deal with it. Even when you feel like you don’t. 


Between all the normal stressors of life – with money and relationships and raising kids and and having a career or not having a career and making food and keeping the house clean and doing something meaningful – and the threat to life itself.

Between all the misinformation out there, and the search for a little piece of knowledge to hold on to.

Between following blindly and doubting too vigorously. 

Somewhere between wanting change, but not this kind of change, and feeling hopeless, but holding on to ideology.

Between the pandemic and the election and the emergency and the market and, and and…

Wherever you are right now, if your lungs are free to breathe – do it. Breathe consciously. Breathe deeply. Breathe with the appreciation for this life force that’s breathing you. 


It’s gonna challenge you. It’s complex. But you have the tenacity to keep showing up. Even when you don’t feel like it. 


I’m seeing you. I’m feeling you. I’m sending you love and support as we all navigate this new territory. Let me know how you feel. I’m here with you.