To light up fire in the heart of love.

To practice devotion.

To be devoted to practice.

To domesticate the beast. 

To rewild the mother.

To weave the erotic and the ascetic into the fabric of intimacy.

To be an animal, a fierce fire, and an artist.

To worship the cycles of darkness and light.

To breathe into the darkness of night 

And dream the sparkles in its infinite sky to life.

To wish.

To renegotiate visions.

To reconfigure intentions.

To recommit to love.


This is Shivaratri – The Great Night Of Shiva. 


Celebrated on what the Hindus call the darkest moon of the year, Shivaratri brings together in marriage Shiva and Shakti – the masculine and the feminine threads of our existence. It is when Shiva becomes the dancer. When Shakti unleashes her power and becomes the dance. 


We call forth our creative energy. We birth it through the canal of discipline. We make the vessel strong. We receive the lightning, the thunder, the fierceness of nature, the ferocity of its love, and the beauty of its intelligence. And we summon up the capacity to cook it and churn it, to process and alchemize it, and turn this life – wherever we are on its wheel – into a living, breathing, piece of ART. 


Traditionally, Shivaratri is observed through fasting and self-reflective practices. It is an all night journey into the third eye of the universe, through meditation, mantra, chanting, and prayer. 


Join me for a ceremonial practice to enliven your relationship with yourself, your connection to your life, and your participation in this infinite web of interconnectedness. Through mythology, metaphors, mantras, mudras, movement, meditation, breath work, and a delicious sequence of heart-opening poses, we will walk into the temple of our own lives, make offerings on the altar of love, invoke what we desire, cast a circle of clear boundaries, and weave the fabric of dreaming and reality with the threads of self intimacy. 


To know ourselves better. 

To accept ourselves more fully. 

To love ourselves more deeply. 


This is Shivaratri.


Friday February 21st – 8pm-11pm

(contact me for details)