It’s time to stir things up. 


Earth is spinning and this northern half of the planet is beginning to receive more light. It grows slowly, not rushing in with bells on. It’s just slowly gaining momentum. With it comes hope. Once upon a time when we lived more attuned to the cycles of the planet, sunlight was  life force. We’re halfway through Winter, and halfway towards Spring. The sun is getting stronger. With it the earth regenerates life as she gathers her powers and throws down quite an underground party.


What was frozen will soon melt. Hibernation is dreaming itself awake. 


Lots is happening beneath the surface. 


We’re entering the phase in the year, when visions ask for actions to be taken. It’s time for movement. Energy needs to shake. Discipline is required to take ideas from the realm of dreams to a physical form. 


It’s time to stir things up.


In our personal lives, we are called to warm it up from within and get to work. Find our flow. Notice where we are stuck. See where we have been blocking ourselves from growing. Uncover the hidden jewels – our voices, our strengths, our vulnerabilities. Unwrap our gifts and find ways to distribute them to the world. Untangle the rope that ties us to unnecessary conversations about ourselves that prevent us from living the life we are inspired to lead. 


Where we are stagnant, we must find ways to break the dams and let there be movement. 


It’s time to stir things up.


The stagnant energy has got to go. White male control has got to fucking go. Collectively, we’ve got to start to move things. Shake things up. Bake and boil and cook things up. We need to get our energy level up. We have to rise. There’s no time to wait. There’s no room for just living in our comfort zone and hoping it’ll get better some day.


And we need to keep ourselves grounded. Stay centered. Breathe. And move our bodies. Rest our bodies. Love our bodies.


Listen to our bodies. 


Respect our bodies. Respect other bodies. Respect the body of this one earth that we belong to. The respect that has been lacking for thousands of years, as patriarchy ruled and destroyed the planet. 


It can get REALLY discouraging. Everything that is wrong with the world can rain toxic energy  down on us. Making a difference and changing the course of history seems hopeless sometimes. We’re scared. Rightly so. The trees. The animals. The forests. Our children. And the orange horror that sits at the top of the world… I don’t know about you, but it makes me wanna turn everything off and go to bed. Goodnight.


We just can’t afford to.


We have to wake up.


Some of us feel pretty awake.


Some of us are struggling to stay present.


Some of us just live our small little lives and choosing not to engage too deeply.


We’re at a crucial moment. 


And we have to wake up and shift gears. 


I get angry. SO ANGRY. I heat up. And I feel like I can explode. What I need to do is harness this energy and direct it toward taking action. Because sometimes I just feel so down about it all. Seeing the biggest scumbags getting away with so much corruption and injustice takes me to dark places inside myself. And then I get stuck there. And I lose my faith in the possibility of things getting better. 


But this stuckness is not going to help.


It’s time to stir things up. 


There are things happening beneath the surface. There are small steps taken, there’s an effort made. Some amazing souls are working tirelessly around the clock to make a difference. 


We must not lose hope.  


Transformation happens beneath the surface for a long time before it shows any signs.


I get so frustrated when I don’t see progress. I get stuck because some things don’t move as fast as I want them to.


The Earth reminds us that growth takes time. It shows us that life moves in cycles. It speaks to us from the core of our being, whispering secrets beneath the surface. 


Mother Nature teaches us all about it this time of year. Winter is reaching its peak (well, that sounds like a joke here in LA with 80 degrees), and we are moving towards Spring. Underneath the earth there’s a quickening. The pregnant belly of The Mother feels movement. In colder areas, the ground is still covered in snow or frost, but beneath the surface a lot is going on. Hard shells break, and seeds begin to germinate. Sprouts make their move up towards sunlight. Buds are budding. Light is growing. Life force is gaining momentum. Milk begins to flow. 


Imbolc is a Celtic holiday that celebrates this moment in time. It’s a sign of hope. Surviving  will soon make way for thriving. It’s happening this weekend – February 1st and 2nd. 


It’s time to stir things up.


What are you calling forth from within you? 

What are you brewing in your cauldron of regeneration? 

What are you bringing to life? 

What action/s are you ready to take – in your personal life and in this crucial election year? 


Comment below. Let’s inspire each other. Let’s create an action list together that we can all draw inspiration from. Let’s support one another in this process of rising – we must rise together. Let’s get clear. Let’s get energized. Let’s get grounded. And let’s get to work. 


With so much love and respect,