Fall Equinox is upon us! The first day of Autumn. A moment of balance between day and night. A celebration of harvest. A holiday of letting go.


Fall teaches us to fall apart. Gracefully. To release what we tighten ourselves around. To let go of what lets go of us. To shed layers that no longer belong to our path. To free up some space as we rid ourselves of old ways. It takes time before renewal takes place. We first need to learn how to die. And then learn how to not rush back into life. It invites a process of being present in the vulnerable space of emptiness. We learn to change colors, dry up, undress, and stand naked in the winds of life – not yet putting on a green gown of fresh aliveness.


Mama Nature sings about relinquishing control. The trees don’t try to hang on to leaves. The Sun doesn’t try to stay up there for longer. Flowers aren’t crying about loss of bloom. The earth surrenders to its own cycles, and makes way for decay so that it can regenerate itself.


This season invites us into sacred interaction with our disappointments. It calls for conscious death. It integrates the gift of letting go through choice, and the challenge of being stripped off of things we still want to wear.


I need the teachings of the Fall!!!! Because I find myself sad about the passage of time. I struggle with aging. My children are growing too fast. I’m so scared of losing my parents. Life is flying by. And there’s no way to hold on to anything. I look at what nature is doing, and how graceful and elegant and beautiful she dances herself into the darkness, and I feel inspired.


So here it is, my friend, Fall begins tonight at 12:50am. (September 23rd). Are you ready to receive the gifts your life is offering? Are you willing to release what no longer belongs on the altar of your life? Walk through the threshold of the season and make this moment in time mark a shift into deeper empowerment and a more profound surrender.


Bring your gratitude. Bring the fullness of your life, and the ways in which you are blessed. Bring the prosperity of the recent season. Bring your harvesting hands and gather the abundance in your life. Lady Autumn is dropping bounty into your arms. Let it in.


Bring your disappointments. Bring the things you try to hold on to for dear life. Bring your vulnerability. And bring your openness to work through your latest (or good old) blockages. Let it fall.


Bring the integrating spirit of your life – empowered to weave together darkness and light, softness and strength, feminine and masculine energies. Make it not about balance, as the equality of the Equinox teaches us that balance is only a tipping point – once towards light, once towards darkness. It invites us to celebrate it, but not hold on to it, raise a toast for it, and then let it tip.


I am wishing you a magical, inspiring, and fulfilling shift into this new season.


Here are some ideas for what you can do tonight or tomorrow (or in the next few days) to welcome the spirit of Autumn:


– Make a list of what you’re letting go of and BURN IT!


– Write down ways to integrate, appreciate, and allow the darkness – Open the door for the darker days to come in and gift you with wisdom.


– Where do you find balance in your life? Make a list.

Where in your life do you feel imbalanced? Make a list.

Write down all the empowering reasons why things are not in balance.

Write down the word BALANCE on a piece of paper and burn it!

Balance is experienced only for moments, and then tips over. Let it tip as it burns.


– Once it’s dark – light a candle, and meditate using a mantra and a mudra of your choice.

You can work with the Mantra Hrim (the seed – bija – of the Earth) and Prithivi Mudra (The mudra of the Earth – hold the thumb to the tip of the ring finger together). This combination has been my go to this whole year.


– Use Palo Santo or Sage or any other smudging instrument you want, and smudge yourself and your space – consciously going through what you want to let go of in your mind. Chant a mantra of your choice as you go.



– Make an altar –

Red, orange, yellow colors.

Images and Items that speak abundance to you.

Items and Images that evoke a feeling of letting go in you.

Pumpkins. Pomegranates. Apples.


If you have a deity that represents Fall Equinox place them on the altar (for example: Lakshmi for abundance and Kali for letting go).

You can also print an image of a deity that reminds you of this seasonal transition and place it on your altar.

You can keep this altar alive until Samhain. (October 31st) to keep the season and your intention for it alive and meaningful for you.


How are you celebrating the new season? Comment below and share your wisdom. I would so love to hear from you!


Have a beautiful day of darkness and light, harvesting and letting go, receiving and releasing! And have a gorgeous, meaningful season of growth, expansion, and wisdom!