There are people that inspire you even through their death. Rare souls that manage to make death seem manageable. Or beautiful. Holy. Sacred. Beings that gift you the secret of life as they transition into what comes next. Maybe you were so lucky to have them swim close to you in the ocean of your life. They were your people. And their presence was always awe inspiring for you. And also your everyday reality. And maybe they were just a distant fish. But in their dying you discover a world that you kind of wish you were a part of, or a world that you now enter, surprised and moved and struck with wonder. When you witness someone engaging in death with grace, even if from afar, you are sprinkled with the gift of knowing that it’s possible. When you watch someone knowingly breathing their life into the arms of death, spending the last days or hours talking through the process, sharing insight, tying loose ends, and expressing love in a generous, selfless way, you cannot help but wish that you could do the same.
To let go when it’s time to let go.

To release into the embrace of inevitability.
To consciously walk into the cave out of which you will never come out, with acceptance and wholeness.
To breathe knowing these are your last inhales and manage to love life so much that you are ready to die because it’s time.
To surrender… not because you give up, but because you follow truth, and the truth is; this is it for you.
To give everyone around you the gift of expressing feelings and falling apart and loving you to death.
To reassure your beloveds that your goneness is just another form of your presence.
To discover new things, and learn more about yourself even as you slip through the veil and slide to the other side.
To be open and strong and soft and fully alive as you, your most authentic you, all the way till you exhale your last breath.