As this year rolls itself into existence, what intentions and aspirations are making waves and shift your lives in dramatic ways? Which ones settle into more stable rhythms, and are likely to change you slowly? What goals have you forgotten about already? What dreams struggle to live up to their great promises?

There are rare and electrifying blessings of quantum leaps in life. Mostly we grow in a steady(ish) way, with setbacks, heartbreaks, small steps forward, and a somewhat clear direction. Sometimes what we have cultivated and invested in falls into the earth and nourishes the soil for the next phase. And sometimes we have to sit for a very long time before the stage of death passes on and emerges as new life.

Savasana is necessary.

I’m not that good at Savasana.

We live in a day and age that wants us to skip stages. The pace is fast. We feel pressured to be someone. To do something. To make our individual life here on earth mean something. We are told that we can do it all. And we are frustrated when we discover that we can’t do it all at once. We are expected to be brilliant multi taskers. At the end of one phase we feel like we should have the next one lined up already. We envision smooth sailing from one thing to the next. We want the phoenix to rise out of the ashes before the previous phoenix finished burning. And when she doesn’t, we think that something is wrong with her.

Take a fucking breath!

It takes time to integrate.

It is the time of year when nature does a lot of its magic beneath the surface. Winter is at its peak (of course it feels funny to say that here in LA with temperatures in the 80’s), but deep within the belly of the earth there is movement. Seeds are germinating. Sprouts make their way up, pushing against the soil, preparing to make their appearance. Buds are getting ready to burst open and bloom. Mother Earth announces: Spring will be here soon! And while we may not see it or hear it yet, we can feel the pulse of life, the quickening in the belly of Mama Nature.

With the urge of nature to reach and stretch and burst open, the seeds of our goals, intentions, visions, and dreams for this year are set in motion. The power of the earth is awakening.

What is awakening within you? What are you waking up to?

Is it time to blow on those ambers?

Ever since becoming a mama, I have been struggling with the dichotomy of having to slow down on the one hand, while being insanely busy on the other hand. The pace of caring for young children is slow and requires a super-human level of patience. Yet there is a race against the clock with non stop work. Multitasking like a mofo, but feeling like you’re not doing enough. It’s a go go go without getting anywhere.

It’s the most precious gem, the most delicious meal, the most outrageous beauty, the most cosmic, intergalactic, planetary explosion of love, devotion, and meaning.

And for a big dreamer, ambitious, creative, entrepreneur spirit type of person, it is a seriously ass kicking experience.

Two kids. Not much time for my grand visions to be cultivated into existence these days. My Mama Dharma is where it’s at right now. It’s my choice. No complains.

Eternally inspired. On fire. I have all these ideas. I have all these desires. I have all these plans and intentions and goals. Overspilling bucket list. I have big, big, giant, huge visions. There is so much that I am meant to give and do in this world.

I plant the seeds.

I water the seeds.

Potent. Filled with possibilities. They rest in the womb of the universe. Quiet. Waiting.

Penetrated. Inseminated. Fertilized.

Sometimes the process of gestation takes longer than you want.

It finally hit me the other day. It was like a giant realization for me… When it comes to my work in the world, I have been in the germinating phase for the past few years. And I still am. And I might be here for a while. (Insert the freaking out emoji).


You can’t rush a tree to grow. You can’t force a forest to become. You can’t make Winter turn to Spring before it is ready to. And while it may be difficult to feel so awake, and have to sit beneath the surface with all that spark and wait, it is necessary.

So how about a quick peek at the steps that we have already taken? Pause and appreciate the progress that we have already made. Send a little love note to the smaller visions that have come alive while you have been quietly nurturing the big dreams. Take and a give a dose of gratitude to the life that you are actually living. Daily. While figuring out and nourishing your bigger life purpose.

One of my greatest, sweetest dreams has been to host events at my home. To create sacred space and to take people on deep journeys of transformation. To lead ceremonial practices, infused with rich metaphors, mythology, and philosophy. To learn together. To embody concepts and texts from the yoga tradition. To explore anatomy through a poetic, philosophical lens. To lead rituals in intimate gatherings that will invoke, evoke, and provoke the relationship between life and practice and art. And to do it in my own space, my own pace, and in my own way.

I have also been wanting to bring my passion, love, and commitment to healthy, organic, vegan cooking to the people that I share my yoga with. To cook for you. To inspire you with my kitchen skills. To be a kitchen witch for more than my family and closest circle of friends.

I don’t want to open up a yoga studio. I don’t want to open up a restaurant. I want to host special events that celebrate the cycles of the season and the phases of the moon. I want to bring creative, inspired, intelligent people together for gatherings that will make minds blown and hearts open, souls soar and bodies sore (just a little). And tummies happy.

You know what? I have been doing that! I have been living my dream! And I’m ready to grow this baby. These Somatic Ceremonies are deep and meaningful offerings of my heart. Here I weave all that I am together, and offer it to you with dedication, devotion, and with the hope that your life will be ignited and inspired. These events are not your usual yoga class. Expect non traditional intimate sessions that give you space to experience, explore, and empower yourself. Evocative. enlivening, elevating pockets of embodied ritual.

On this coming Friday eve, February 2nd, I will be hosting a Somatic Ceremony at my home to celebrate and explore Imbolc (which means In The Belly in Irish) – a Celtic holiday that celebrates this moment in the cycle of nature. Situated right between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, Imbolc stands for the awakening power of the earth, and the flow of life making its way back into the world. We will contemplate and connect to nature by showing up to its rhythm. We will move and breathe and meditate. And we will share a light and healthy late dinner following our practice/ceremony.

Ritual/practice: 7:30pm-9:30pm
Dinner and hang out: 9:30pm-when we’re ready.

Email me if you’re interested.