It is on days like the ones we’ve had since January 20th that I cannot help but asking myself:

What difference does another down dog make? What’s the point of getting on my mat? What’s the point of mantra and mudra? Why should I even bother to meditate? How can I create a sacred relationship with a universe that has a Bannon in it, and a Donald Trump as the president of the US?

And who cares about a stupid full moon gathering on a day that Betsy DeVos officially becomes secretary of education? WTF?!?!?!?!?

It is on days like these days that we have moments when it seems like everything is such meaningless bullshit…

But when I got up early this morning and it was still dark, and the house was quiet, and I lit candles and chanted a Durga mantra, and meditated, and wrote a few paragraphs about mudra in the book that I’m working on, I felt connected to life. When I got on my mat and moved my body with the flow of breath I felt alive. Every down dog made a difference. Even if it was just within the boundaries my own little privileged world. Every Utkatasana made me feel stronger, so I could face the world outside the walls of my indulging organic, vegan, yoga lifestyle. And when my daughter woke up I was able to smile and laugh and giggle with her. And that was meaningful. And worth living for.

Every day I am reminded. Through contemplation. Through practice. Through ritual. Through tender, loving moments. I am reminded that my life is important. that my loved ones are important, that what we each have to offer could possibly touch someone and make a difference. And that’s what fuels the capacity to deal with the horror.

I have my doubts. I won’t lie.

But it is our doubts, not our certainty, that can make our engagement in the world more meaningful. It is our questioning that takes us deeper into our conversation with life. And it is continuing to do what makes us feel good and healthy and vibrant on the personal level, that strengthens us from within, so that we can fight those important battles, and stand up for something greater than ourselves.

Myth and metaphor are very powerful tools to help us understand ourselves and the situation that we’re in more fully. It is now more than ever that I find the stories about goddesses and gods and demons so profoundly enriching and moving. It is now more than ever that studying about the body and finding metaphor in anatomy and physiology makes every breath a gateway into inspiration and resilience. It is now more than ever that we can use ceremony and ritual to create a sacred relationship with life, so that every day we can be reminded of what is worth fighting for.

And so it is on a day like today that I want to invite you to a full Moon Mandala this Friday February 10th – 7pm-9pm. Durga and her vehicle, the lion, will take us on a journey through battlefields and demon fighting, and the cultivation of our badassness. We need it now. There will be a candle-lit practice of asana, pranayama, meditation, mudra, mantra, and a beautiful time together to share and inspire one another.

Let me know if you are interested.

See you in the moon light.