Hagar’s Story


Once upon a time, in 2003, Hagar stepped her bare feet into a yoga class. It was love at first pose. She fell head over heels (straight into a handstand) with the practice. Mind blown. The promise that there’s no end to how much one can learn and create in a world of yoga lured her in. For life. With a deep connection to the body, many years of training in dance and theatre, and a heart searching for the meaning of life, she was hooked.

In 2004 she completed her first Teacher Training with Noah Maze and Naime Jezzeny in Los Angeles. She has devoted thousands of hours to studying with many great teachers. She began teaching in 2005. Hagar was a Certified Anusara teacher, and chose to cut her ties with the system and its founder in February 2012. She’s been cultivating her own path as both student and teacher of yoga ever since.

Hagar is a yoga philosophy geek. She is inspired by the way that the yoga tradition evolves through conversation – argument, questioning, doubts, and exploration that leads to new discoveries. Her passion for mythology breathes life into stories that she weaves into physical practice, as doorways into self-reflection. Her love for the body is poured into the vessel of well thought out, creative, and intelligent sequences.

Hager has been studying with professor Douglas Brooks – a world-renowned scholar of Eastern Religion – for a decade, and is grateful for the great teachings and the vast knowledge that he shares. “Make this your own” is the motto that not only keeps her coming back, but turns her teaching into a journey of creativity and authenticity for all participants.

Hagar has taught nationally and internationally, privately and publicly, classes, workshops, in depth courses, and Teacher Trainings. Her classes are moving contemplations. She unpacks Sutras from yogic texts, and explores them with her students through breath, asana, meditation, myth, mantra, and mudra.

Hagar lives in Los Angeles with her husband Andrew, their daughter Kesem, and Gracie the dog.

You are the point the universe is trying to make


My Mission


My intention is to create space for a deep conversation about yoga and life through movement, breath, asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, and mudra.

On the physical level, it is important for me to offer a wide range of possibilities – from therapeutic sessions to challenging practices, from restorative yoga to advanced asana. Each body is different. Each person’s needs are different. Each day is different. Different people benefit from different things at different times. I am committed to making yoga personal and inclusive. I invite you to be where you are today, meet who you are today, and practice accordingly.

What I wish to remind us all is that we don’t need a priest, a rabbi, or a guru to show us the way. Teachers come in many forms. From nature to culture, from instincts to art, from anatomy to philosophy, from physical sensations to dance and poetry and music… Sure, sometimes teachers are actual people in our lives. But one person can never be the keeper of all secrets and all answers. So ask questions. Doubt. Embrace complexity.

Every part of you matters – from raw to refined, from primal to the most evolved, from your brightest light to the depth of your darkness. Be human. Engage. Empower. Explore. Evolve. This journey of yoga is YOURS. And so I turn the question back to you…

What is YOUR mission?

Grow your practice

Evolve your life

Study Yourself

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