On Winter Solstice, the day is as short as it gets, and the night stretches its wings wide across the sky. 


Light pulses deep beneath the layers of the earth. Deep in the dark. Deep within the womb of creation. Deep deep deep. In the depth of darkness, Light rests. It’s hard work to shine so brightly all the goddamn time. So it releases the pressure of being so awesome and fabulous. And it lets itself just be. Quiet. Naked. In the dark, Light lets itself soften. It breaks open. Vulnerability. Humility. Doubts. Questions. It has time and space to contemplate. In the dark, Light can dream. Envision. Deep under the blanket of darkness, Light allows itself to die.


In its death, light releases the seed of new life. 


On this day, when darkness is at its fullest expression, it announces the birth of light. Small and quiet first, light begins to rise in power. And from here until Summer Solstice it will grow and strengthen and fatten up. 


So let’s celebrate – death and rebirth, the completion of a cycle and the opening of a new one, dreaming in the dark and our ability to bring our visions into light, the end of this year and the threshold of a new beginning.


We will breathe together, move, meditate, and chant together. We will contemplate and journal and share. The sequence of poses will be slow and grounding, soul nourishing and goddessly sparkled with mudras and mantras and delicious metaphors. And when we’re done casting a spell on this potent and profound time of year, we will sit at the table and share a meal. I’ll cook a delicious, healthy, organic, vegan, GF, made with locally grown ingredients and filled with love soup.

Bring a journal. Bring a loved one. Bring what moved through you this past year – the lessons, the treasures, the heartbreaks. And together, let’s plant the seeds of our courageous and bold visions for this big 2020, in soil that is enriched by our individual as well as our collective transformation. 


I am so looking forward to this embodied ceremonial journey with you.


Hit me up if you have any questions. And contact me if you want to sign up.