Do you need a boost of bounty, and beauty, and bare-feet, and bold colors? Welcome to Summer Solstice!


This holiday is an invitation into lush and creative self-expression. It is the call to your abundant nature.


Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, and the first day of Summer. The power of the Sun – the energy of life, the radiance of light, the generous giving spirit of love – is at its peak.


This threshold nudges you to tap into your enoughness. You are enough! You have the inner resources to keep becoming who you want to be. Show up. Give it what you got. You got a lot in there! Feel it? This pulsing power of plenty is your life force. Pour it out into the open the way that Mother Earth bejewels her trees with fruit, and fills the fruit with juice and nourishment.


If you’re feeling it, come celebrate it! If you feel the lack of it, come invoke it!


This Ceremony will be your own sacred space – individually and collectively – to converse with abundance, generosity, and gratitude. We’ll excavate it, call on it, receive it, and express it through the movement of our bodies, through breath, through meditation, through contemplation, and chanting, and journaling, and sharing.


There will be snacks, and tea, and fruit infused water all throughout. And at the end of the ceremony you will be served a delicious, nutritious, love filled, all organic, vegan, GF lunch, made of seasonal, local ingredients.


Let me know if you have any questions.


I can’t wait to celebrate this inspiring, nourishing holiday with you!