At the mid point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, while the light quickly gains momentum and reaches fast towards its peak, and the days become warmer, the earth spins herself into her fertility goddess form.


Beltane is a celebration of fertility, creativity, aliveness, passion, sensuality, wildness, and magic. Nature is bursting with life force. Mother Earth wears her green gown. Flowers decorate her lushness. The animal kingdom is hosting its mating ball. The Stag and the Goddess, Beauty and Beast, Love and Lust, unite in the arms of desire.


While the metaphors get quite sexy, the invitation of this seasonal, sensual threshold is to enter our own process of making love to life, breathing life into our visions, dreams, and creative desires, and pour love into everything that we create.


It’s time to grow, stretch, extend, expand, enliven, elevate, and fertilize our projects.


Join me for a Somatic Ceremony to spark magic and ignite the fire of will and desire, so that we can step into the season energized, inspired, and creatively turned on. We will use asana, pranayama, meditation, contemplation, mudra, mantra, chanting and the metaphors of this High Holiday to invoke our lust for life and explore our love for living. There will be time to journal, share, and hold space for one another.


This gathering is an opportunity to dive deep into yourself, to connect to the rhythm of Mother Nature, and to infuse your life with the power of growth and expansion.


We will gather at 11am. After ceremony, around 2pm, I will serve you a home made, love filled, organic, vegan, GF meal, made with local and seasonal ingredients. Snacks and tea will be available throughout.


The community aspect of these events have been super meaningful. Witnessing each other’s process of transformation is a powerful thing. I hope that you can join me for this inspirational Saturday, right between Spring and Summer.


Let me know if you have any questions.


I look forward to crafting this ceremony with you.