Light and lightness, 

Breath of life,

Return to Mother Earth

Love and laughter

Pulse of hope

Nature opens gates of birth

Flowers blossom 

Trees turn green 

Soil nourishing and fertile

Fragrant blooms

With colors plenty

Rising over Winter’s hurdles

Time for birds to sing 

All animals to mate

And light to grow in power

The frozen in us melts

Our streams of passion flow

This is Spring’s enchanting hour

Let’s celebrate! We’ll gather at my home just a few days before Winter gives it’s throne to Spring, and prepare our bodies, minds, hearts, and creative spirits for the blossoming, unfolding, and opening of our lives that come with this season.

Spring Equinox is one out of two days in the year when light and dark are of equal power. On this day, we tip towards the light. Nature’s energy moves in the direction of expression, procreation, and manifestation. 

We live within Mother Earth’s rhythm. Even if sometimes we forget that we are her children, her cycles and gifts are never out of our reach. All we need to do is open up our senses, let her in, and allow her to lead. 

This Somatic Ceremony will invite us to invoke the creative force within our lives, to fly with our muse and our inspirations, as we grow a grounding roots, that connects us to the nourishment and stabilizing, actualizing forces of the earth. We will use a delicious sequence of asana, woven with powerful strands of breath, sprinkled with the magic of mantra and mudra to wake us up to the enchantment of this season. We will journal, we will share, we will chant, and we will support and inspire each other on our journey. 

At the end of the ritual I will feed you a homemade, healthy, organic, vegan, GF, love filled lunch, made with local and seasonal ingredients. And of course there will be tea and snacks available all throughout. 

I am delighted to share this holiday with you, and open my home as a transformative, inspiring, and safe space for you to explore, move through your process, and grow in your own unique and authentic way.

Let me know if you have any questions.